In our Church we practice the "close communion" policy, that is, we offer the
Lord's Supper only to those who are "close" to us in the Lutheran Church --
Missouri Synod (LC-MS)...that is, in full agreement with us...on our beliefs
regarding the Lord's Supper.  Members of other LC-MS congregations are
encouraged to commune with us.  

For those with whom we cannot yet offer the Lord's Supper in our Service of
Worship, we re delighted to have you as a visitor.  We trust that you will be
blessed by our Lord as you worship with us at Our Savior Lutheran.

If you would like more information on our Church and its doctrinal standard
and teachings, please contact one of our Pastors who will be delighted to speak
further with you.  You can also learn more

Learn about our Beliefs and Joining Our Savior
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Our Communion Practices